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Honestly the best

I’m amazed at how well this detergent works. Not only does it get my clothes cleaner than other detergents, but it softens them more and more with each wash. So surprising! I no longer use any fabric softener/dryer sheets, and didn’t believe it was possible for a detergent alone to soften my clothes until I’d tried it myself. (Who knew denim could be so soft??) I really like the faint scent, and that it does not irritate my sensitive skin or trigger any allergies. And I love that it’s all natural. Plus, I don’t have to use very much detergent at all with each load. (I have the big jug, and I use it to refill the smaller bottle that squirts because I find that method easiest.) So happy this product exists. I’ve been using it for about a year, and I’ll be a lifelong customer.

Melody B