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About Us


Earthcare Labs®, founded in 2010 is a privately owned Southern California, USA-based developer and distributor of innovative green & sustainable solutions that embody good health for people, plants, animals, and the planet.

How did we get started? After using many other products and experiencing our own varied allergic reactions, we couldn’t find anything that was completely non-toxic and met our discerning needs for very all types of sensitive skin. We embarked on a mission to solve these problems by inventing new and unique solutions that would hold up to the highest standards. We’re at your service and wholeheartedly dedicated to developing quality products that are exceptionally good for the environment and you.

We perform our own product R&D which enables us to be selective about every aspect of how our products are made and what goes into them. This insures the highest levels of quality and sustainability in our products. With that in mind, we take care and pride in every aspect of our products and hope they can make a difference for your health and well-being as well. Our manufacturing is based in the USA.



Kūshe® is a revolutionary new plant-based hypoallergenic laundry cleaner with anti-static and softener in one that works with normal to dry clean only laundry and delicates such as silks, furs, and cashmere.


Shampoosh® is a new plant-based hypoallergenic pet shampoo that’s pH balanced. It not only eliminates pet odors and static frizz but also gently conditions fur and itchy, flaky skin.


Salon products for men, women, and children that features Earthcare Labs scientific breakthroughs. Our Salon shampoos are pH balanced and in harmony with the surface chemistry of your hair and skin, color safe and much more.


The science behind our products both inside and outside the bottle has been ongoing over a period of decades and continues to evolve as we discover and innovate. Our staples are health-centric quality and sustainability with unique features. We’re proud to bring new and differentiating technology to the market and hope you enjoy the benefits of using it as much as we enjoy developing it.


Our products incorporate unique and differentiated technology and are patent pending. We’re pursuing additional industry certifications to further convey our alignment with environmental health & safety standards.