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Earthcare Labs® is a Southern California based innovator of environmentally minded solutions. We’re dedicated to creating sustainable products that promote healthy lifestyles.

plant based

Try our plant-based solutions which use the unique cleaning action of cationic nonionic surfactants. They’re hypoallergenic, effective and free of harsh chemicals for people of all ages, pets and our environment.


We take care in using the highest quality primarily naturally derived, USA sourced ingredients
which embody the wonderful attributes in all of our products.


KŪSHE® is a plant-based liquid laundry cleaner for all fabric types, delicates, silk, cashmere, fur and dry clean only. It counteracts residues, softens, removes static, stains and odors all-in-one. Eutrophication preventative ingredients are septic and greywater reuse system friendly.

SHAMPOOSH® Pet Shampoo

Shampoosh® is a plant-based hypoallergenic pet shampoo that’s pH balanced. It eliminates pet odors and static frizz while gently conditioning and hydrating the skin and fur.


Shampoo – Hair & Bodywash – Facial Cleanser – Baby Shampoo
Gentle, hypoallergenic, plant-based, pH balanced cleansers for face, hair, body and baby. Made in harmony with the surface chemistry of the hair and skin to gently cleanse while hydrating, conditioning, deodorizing and eliminating static frizz.

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