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Silver coin collection

I’m using Kūshe to clean my collection of silver coins and it does that without affecting the metal in any way which can destroy the value of the coin. Never seen anything work so great! It removes decades of grease and grime without hurting the metal. Other cleaners actually change the color of the silver. Kūshe just targets grease and grime and I can tell you that it’s the best I’ve ever used – A+.

-David H

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Great product!!

I love this product! My clothes come out so soft and fresh – they feel totally revived and as fresh as new.


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Great product! Leaves your clothes smelling and feeling great. Worth the price because it lasts sooo long. Would recommend to everyone!


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Kūshe revolutionary organic liquid laundry cleaner has worked excellent for all my types of clothing

Kūshe revolutionary organic liquid laundry cleaner has worked excellent for all my types of clothing. My clothes get softer with each washing almost feeling like cashmere. No need for fabric softeners as the plant based ingredients are thoroughly rinsed out leaving my clothes with a natural dry softness. You have to try it to believe it. Thank you Earthcare Labs!



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Great smell, and gentle on my skin

I am extremely sensitive to fragrances and artificial ingredients, so I am always very weary when I purchase anything new that will be in close contact with my skin. After finishing my first bottle of Kūshe and as promised, it is AMAZING! It naturally has a soft, tropical scent, which is not overpowering or invasive. I have had no issues with rash or hives, so this product gets my stamp of approval there.

Additionally, I no longer need to use a separate fabric softener, or dryer sheets. After a wash with Kūshe, my clothes felt as if I had used the softener in the cycle. WOW! I look forward to using Kūshe for years to come.


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I thought I was doing good by choosing Tide F&C and not using dryer sheets

A mysterious itch (no rash just itch) plagued my daughter and I. We tried everything to get rid of it. Filters for the showers, changing bath soap and more. We finally switched laundry soaps – from Tide Free and Clear to Kūshe. I thought I was doing good by choosing Tide F&C and not using dryer sheets. Little did I know that those products still leave soap residue. We love Kūshe at our house. Our laundry doesn’t get that old smell anymore and most importantly we don’t itch anymore.

-Mom of 3


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GREAT non-irritating cleaner for sensitive skin

This cleaner is a godsend for my patients with contact dermatitis from their detergent. It rinses out completely, leaving NO residue to irritate skin, and the clothes are soft without a chemical softener. You don’t need a softener because the scratchiness in clothes, towels etc. is from detergent residue build-up. I have found that if you use it every time you need less and less, apparently the former detergent residues are like ‘dirt’ and the Kūshe washes them out, but if I switch back and forth it takes more Kūshe to get a load clean, so now I just use the Kūshe. I also use white vinegar, 1/2 cup or so with it – the Kūshe seems to work best in an acid medium and you need less. Even my towels don’t have an odor when I wash them this way.

I can use the same detergent for towels as for lingerie or silk, so it simplifies my life!

It spot cleans well, if you put it on overnight it takes out most stains! Occasionally I still use a dab of bleach and then rinse it out before I wash the load and Kūshe is made not to suds a lot in a front loader.

Really great product, very safe, very effective, very non-toxic, no chemical odors etc. I really love it!


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This is an amazing product; everything about Kūshe is first class

This is an amazing product; everything about Kūshe is first class, even the quality of the bottle.

But what is inside is amazing. It has reduced my cleaning bills, and removed left over cleaning product debris from my towels and clothing that was making them stiff; it seems to treat detergents as though they were dirt. So, I decided to try Kūshe in my bathroom for scum removal and found that this gentle product removed it from surfaces like the harshest of chemical products. With such success, I tried it for carpet cleaning and it worked beautifully; the carpet is brighter and so much softer. But, keep in mind that you do have to spot clean the stains as usual. I recommend it to friends.

Finally, a product that truly helps people and the planet become safer.