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KŪSHE Liquid Laundry Cleanser


KŪSHE® is a gentle plant-based concentrated laundry cleaner for all fabric types, delicates, silk, cashmere, fur and dry clean. It counteracts residues, softens, removes static, stains and odors all-in-one. Eutrophication preventative ingredients are septic and greywater reuse system friendly. It gently cleans and refreshes fabrics using plant-based, non-toxic ingredients.
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Ready to use Kūshe for the first time? For optimal results see our First Use Instructions

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  • Kūshe is a concentrated all-in-one plant-based fabric cleaner that’s greywater friendly. No additional products or additives should be used with it. For optimal machine wash results, follow these directions. Delicate fabrics including dry clean only, silk, cashmere and fur should be hand washed and air-dried.


  • Do not use anti-static products such as dryer sheets – Kūshe eliminates static
  • Do not use fabric softener – Kūshe brings out the natural softness in your fabrics
  • Do not use builders or combine with other cleaners – Kūshe is a concentrated & complete formula


  • Before the first wash, run the washer empty with hot water and maximum load size to remove existing debris and detergents. Notice how suds from previously used detergents appear. With these removed, Kūshe can fully focus on cleaning your fabrics. These same residues may also be present in your fabrics until washed one or more times with Kūshe.  It is free-rinsing leaving no residues behind which restores the natural look and feel of the fabrics.

How much Kūshe to use?

  • One ounce per five gallons of water depending on how much water your washer is rated to use per load.
  • Using the 1-Gallon bottle, 8 pumps = 1 fl oz. Using the 25 fl oz bottle, the cup in the cap is 3/4 fl oz.
  • 8 to 12 pumps is typical for a normal load in a high efficiency washer. For top loaders use 2-4 fl oz.
  • When using a public or shared washer, add an additional fl oz or more to counteract residues that are left behind from other detergents which can interfere with the unique fabric cleaning actions of Kūshe.
  • For all load types, to POTENTIATE the cleaning power, add ½ to 1 cup of white distilled vinegar with Kūshe.
  • To enhance brightness for white fabrics, ½ to 1 cup of oxygen bleach can be added to the wash at any water temperature.
  • Alternatively, chlorine bleach can be used but only with cold or warm water temperatures.
  • Let stains soak in Kūshe overnight then wash normally. Hot water can also assist with oily stains, heavy soils and sanitizing.
  • Washing with warm or hot water excites the molecules to assist with the cleaning action.

After Wash Observations

  • Compare how soft fabrics are in the wash and dry cycles. Fabrics often become softer with original vibrancy restored after the first few washes. Also notice how incredibly fresh and clean smelling fabrics are after drying since pre-existing scents and fragrances have been removed.  Finally, make sure there’s NO static and if there is, use slightly more Kūshe the next time.
  • To share your experience or for questions and comments please contact us

Kūshe is not harmful to soil, water systems or plant life and is safe for septic systems and greywater use.

Removes odors and deodorizes for clothesline fresh smelling fabrics and is free of any scents or fragrances.  Great for workout clothes and soiled fabrics to gently remove smoke and other strong odors without damaging the fabric.

Ingredients are predominantly based on plant and mineral derived compounds.

Kūshe contains no known irritable ingredients or toxins that can cause irritation and allergic reactions. It is designed to be in harmony with the surface chemistry of the fabrics and just as gentle on them.

Kūshe is designed to remove dirt from fabrics, restoring them to their original natural softness.  No additional softeners should be used in combination with Kūshe.

Kūshe is designed for use with normal and HE washers and can also be used for hand washing with delicate fabrics. For normal loads, use 1 fl oz per 5 gallons of water.

Kūshe eliminates static in the wash cycle so after drying, fabrics should be static free. Do not use additional anti-static products or dryer sheets in combination with Kūshe.

Kūshe is designed to be free-rinsing and will leave your clothes smelling fresh and clean after drying, leaving no residues behind.

Kūshe ingredients are 100% biodegradable and the packaging meet the highest ratings for recyclability with PETE/PET 1 and HDPE/PET2 materials.

Kūshe can be used with delicate fabrics including silk, cashmere, fur and dry clean only materials. Hand washing is recommended for delicates. After washing, carefully pat fabrics dry with a towel and air dry.

To gain a level of comfort and ensure compatibility before committing to a full wash with delicates for the first time, a test wash is recommended. Find a small area of fabric that isn’t noticeable, such as an area of inside lining, to perform the test wash on.

Kūshe is wonderful for use with Cloth Diapers, does not affect absorbency and maximizes odor and stain elimination. It is also free of toxins that can cause irritation and allergic reactions.

For heavily soiled diapers that have a strong ammonia odor, add 1/2 to 1 cup of white distilled vinegar to further neutralize excess ammonia and potentiate the cleaning action of Kūshe.

Ingredients are primarily natural biobased, plant and mineral derived.
KŪSHE®  is a one of a kind formula that won’t be found anywhere else and is protected under U.S. Patent No. 10,611,986.

It’s free of phthalates, nuts, nut derivatives and nut byproducts, sulfates (SLS/SLES), dyes, volatile organic compounds,
phosphates, oils, parabens, artificial fragrances, bromine, enzymes, glutens, petrochemicals, ethoxylates, NPE, phenoxyethanol
and optical brighteners.

KŪSHE® contains:


This is an amazing product; everything about Kūshe is first class

This is an amazing product; everything about Kūshe is first class, even the quality of the bottle. But what is inside is amazing. It has reduced my cleaning bills, and removed left over cleaning product debris from my towels and clothing that was making them stiff; it seems to treat detergents as though they were dirt. […]

GREAT non-irritating cleaner for sensitive skin

This cleaner is a godsend for my patients with contact dermatitis from their detergent. It rinses out completely, leaving NO residue to irritate skin, and the clothes are soft without a chemical softener. You don’t need a softener because the scratchiness in clothes, towels etc. is from detergent residue build-up. I have found that if […]

I thought I was doing good by choosing Tide F&C and not using dryer sheets

A mysterious itch (no rash just itch) plagued my daughter and I. We tried everything to get rid of it. Filters for the showers, changing bath soap and more. We finally switched laundry soaps – from Tide Free and Clear to Kūshe. I thought I was doing good by choosing Tide F&C and not using […]

Great smell, and gentle on my skin

I am extremely sensitive to fragrances and artificial ingredients, so I am always very weary when I purchase anything new that will be in close contact with my skin. After finishing my first bottle of Kūshe and as promised, it is AMAZING! It naturally has a soft, tropical scent, which is not overpowering or invasive. […]

Kūshe revolutionary organic liquid laundry cleaner has worked excellent for all my types of clothing

Kūshe revolutionary organic liquid laundry cleaner has worked excellent for all my types of clothing. My clothes get softer with each washing almost feeling like cashmere. No need for fabric softeners as the plant based ingredients are thoroughly rinsed out leaving my clothes with a natural dry softness. You have to try it to believe […]


Great product! Leaves your clothes smelling and feeling great. Worth the price because it lasts sooo long. Would recommend to everyone! -Michelle

Great product!!

I love this product! My clothes come out so soft and fresh - they feel totally revived and as fresh as new. -Aimee

Silver coin collection

I’m using Kūshe to clean my collection of silver coins and it does that without affecting the metal in any way which can destroy the value of the coin. Never seen anything work so great! It removes decades of grease and grime without hurting the metal. Other cleaners actually change the color of the silver. […]

KŪSHE Laundry detergent delivers results !

This laundry detergent is made from 100% plant-based ingredients. It is safe on all garments and risk-free. I’m so happy to find this product after trying all the big brand names in laundry detergents. There is no going back to those big brand names from now on. KŪSHE All-In-1 Super Hypoallergenic Plant-Based Liquid Laundry Cleanser+Delicates […]

Honestly the best

I’m amazed at how well this detergent works. Not only does it get my clothes cleaner than other detergents, but it softens them more and more with each wash. So surprising! I no longer use any fabric softener/dryer sheets, and didn’t believe it was possible for a detergent alone to soften my clothes until I’d […]


This is the product I’ve been searching for. Products that claim to be ecologically friendly, most often do not leave clothes clean and soft. This product outperformed them all. We must do better for our environment and this product does just that. Nancy Fawcett

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Love the Kushe laundry detergent. Very gentle for sensitive skin. Speedy delivery. Very pleased. Jennie